Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm late posting insight on Drake's newest mixtape, but you know whatever. I think it's pretty damn good. There's been backlash and comparisons to 808's and what Lil Wayne's been on lately. But you gotta admit, given the context, he sings better than Ye and Wayne put together. There's something different about it. Easily to me, "Houstatlantavegas" sticks out like a sore thumb, and in an interview, Drake explains the album as being a story. His "Lust for Life" gets him started. Then, trouble with a lady he's dating that's never satisfied, topics " Houstatlantavegas." This story highlights how the lady endlessly wants more. Then, we have "Successful," which features Trey Songz and Weezy F. Baby. In this song, he goes on to explain how he has it mapped out, but has a hard time explaining it to... ? "Let's Call it Off," features a Peter, John and Bjorn sample, which is used to perfection to spell out a story where Drake goes on to dump homegirl and move on. We can go on and on, but we'll end this with "November 18," in which Mr. Drake throws his twist on a classic D.J. Screw(r.i.p) freestyle beat. This beat was made memorable not only in Texas, but also around the world June 27th. Big Moe (r.i.p) handles the hook, Yungstar, Big Pokey (r.i.p) and countless others go in. Drake references each time he gets that feeling, it reminds of when he's in Houston and everything is moving slow. Good shit, I think it could've been an album. But hey. Also, check out the chopped and screwed version by D.J. Mr. Rogers, it's decent.

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