Wednesday, May 13, 2009


When the concept for Microwavable Life began, the gist was to highlight the illest of the ill and launch a shirt brand. It’s nothing new to us; we make silk screen shirts on a weekly basis. The culture of hip-hop and music etc, fuses into fashion so easy progression, huh? Going and going hard working hard on the fall collection, blogging like crazy trying to gather a cult following if you will. Then POW!!!, my Dad gets sick, really sick. So I’m working, running back in forth making sure he’s ok. And it dawns on me how important things are that aren’t really that important and the seriousness of cherishing those around you, even haters. They say if you don’t have haters you’re not doing anything, so.And The Microwavable Life conglomerate is still in tack, I just figured I’d weigh in on that. People, live ya life and don’t be afraid to show love to folk you love and care about cause you never know….

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