Sunday, January 3, 2010


Two Thousand and Ten, already. Seems like yesterday it was 2000, I was wildin' and playin' basketball like crazy. Nothing else matterd. Good times, not to say shit sucks now. The stress of the economy and job market, healthcare has taken the air outta some people. I gotta admit though, I was taken outta my element as well and didn't accomplish what I and what we sought out to do as a whole. Life happened. The Microwavable Life happened. I mean shit, we are the pioneers of it. Not to say we live it better, but we fall into it. That's how it all started. It's a act way before it's a line or blog, know'm sayin. With that said, I feel we have an opinion as well and plan to continue to do what we sought out to. So, if you was down stay down and I wish everyone a happy new year, honestly. I truly feel this one will be like none other for everyone. Godspeed.

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