Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ok, we’re well into the 2010 swing of things, and it just dawned on me how 2009 began and ended. Especially in regards to so called friends and passers-by.


I had a close cat I’ve known since 7th grade or so (he'll be Rodney for now). I took care of him, and he stayed at my house when needed to. I put him down with chicks, and when he'd get into trouble we'd handle it. He’d go to jail, and we’d be back chilling. I hadn't seen him since 2002, and I ran into his brother and asked how he was and etc. Booom!! I gave his brother my number like “yooo, tell your brother to holla at me.” Boom, Boom, Boom!! Rodney calls, and it’s like riding a bike. We’re back rocking and rolling; like when we were young bucks, wildin'. So next, boom let's chill. No question. There was a party poppin’ off, the perfect opportunity to chop it up and catch up. So, my two cousins, Rodney and I planned to do the damn thing that night. Boom! Everything is 100; drinks were flowing, other shit being passed around etc. It was a good night, and then Rodney goes in on how he's iller than me. I'm like, “ok my dude.” It was all shits and giggles. I had enjoyed the night, and I was not really in the debating mood, just chilling. So Rodney went on and on and on. In so many words, he said his time in the penitentiary made him an iller dude. The conversation is getting heated and he had a look in his eyes. So I'm like “shit Rodney, you want to fight me or something. “ He's like, “it's whatever right now,” I’m looking at him like he's got to be drunk. I figure I'm just gone take him home, and let him chill. Mind you, one of my cousin’s has a shorter fuse than I, and he doesn’t know Rodney like I do. My cousin, (well call him George) is like “kill him.” I'm like naaah, it’s the drink. Rodney is swearing he knows what he's doing. So on and on, and I'm like “Rodney do you hear yourself.” Long story short, haven't talk to Rodney in a while. I mean it’s hard enough finding or running into genuine people then to have a childhood homie turn rogue and want to fight ya, etc. I'm a little older now and figure myself a cooler head, years back Rodney and I would’ve fought just on principle. I didn't, because what would that solve? I was more hurt by it, not threatened, not at all. It was like that was my brother holding a gun to my head and trying to hurt me. Know'm sayin'. There's more to the story, I just gave a brief summary. More was said and other shit popped off too. This situation reminds me of a song in rotation right now. Here it is:

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